Christmas Present

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas any time of the year with this fun and festive online instant scratch card game. This Christmas Present gives you up to 200x your starting wager, so no matter how risky you want to be you can make a nice holiday out of the money you're able to win.


Christmas Present is a merry scratchcard game with instant online winnings, whether you're playing with virtual or real money. The game board has 9 panels denoted with presents, so you click on a box to open up the present and find out what cash value is underneath. This is a match three scratchcard, so you need to reveal three identical values in order to win the prize.

The minimum bet at Christmas Present is .25 Euros, with the maximum set at 10 Euros. The maximum prize that you can land is 2,000 Euros. You have the option of clicking the panels or picking reveal all to open up all of the panels at one time. While you do have different symbols shown, the important part is matching the value at the bottom of the symbol. When you win the amount is added to your balance.


Christmas Present is a Christmas themed scratch card game that has you matching cash values to win that amount. The board is festival and filled with holiday symbols. If you're lucky and you've been a good girl or boy this year, you can win up to 2,000 Euros.

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