The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful is a brand new instant win game from the masters of the genre, Neogames. When Neogames set their minds towards putting out an incredible instant game they always get the job done right and The Bold and the Beautiful is no exception! There is a massive top jackpot of £200,000 to be won by players who hit the jackpot and the action is always ongoing in a game that players will love to play over and over again.

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This is a really exciting way to win loads of easy money, the whole gang are featured in this really slick instant game with players needing to match two cast members in order to hit the huge £200,000 jackpot. This is a really simple game to play and one of the fantastic things about it is the fact that players can get into the action at a whole range of stake levels allowing micro stakes players to play at the same time as high stakes players.


Neogames has ensured that the graphics and sound effects are of top quality and players will be able to see their favourite cast members as clearly as if they were really in the room with them. The user interface is so easy to use that players will find placing their bets and playing the game is instinctively simple.


This fantastic game can be found at a range of sites and instant game lovers will go crazy for the action and massive prizes on offer. Fans of the TV show will also love playing this great fun instant game as it brings everyone right inside the action featured in the Bold and the Beautiful, start playing now to find out just how great this game truly is.

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