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BlockBusters is a hexagonal scratch card game featuring an audience cheering you on, and a mascot that you can change while you play. You choose a particular spot to reveal the symbol waiting underneath. If you're lucky, you'll match three of them for big rewards, up to 500x of your starting bet.


BlockBusters is a great looking game board featuring a live sounding audience to watch you play, the board is labeled with different letters, and your own mascot leads you to wins. The first order of business is choosing between Free Play and Real Play, which is asked as you load up the game. You then need to set your stake using the up and down arrows right next t the bet amount. You start your bets at .25 Euros, and can go as high as 10 Euros if you're feeling quite lucky.

Click “Buy Card” to grab your first online scratchcard and get started. You can manually click each of the nine panels, or just click “Reveal All” to see if you've matched up three symbols at once. You break even if you get three blue segments or double your money with three white segments. Higher rewards include hotspots for 5x, boards for 10x, Greek icons for 15x, mascot symbols for 25x, presenters for 50x, gold run for 100x or the game's logo for 503x. Whenever you win, the money is added to your bank so you can parlay winnings into a fortune if you get on a good luck streak.


BlockBusters is a good looking scratch games with entertaining graphics and a bonus of up to 503x the starting wager. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to understand, and the Reveal All option allows you to play a great deal of cards in a fraction of the time it would take you to individually click the panels, though per panel play definitely adds more suspense to the action.

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