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Super Streak Bar-X is a well known bar game that's been converted into scratch off form. You start off with a scratch off card, but if you're lucky enough to get three Slot Machines you proceed into a Superstreak round where you keep the slot machine going to win even more.


Super Streak Bar-X has an option for real play and free play modes, so if you want to practice your skills you can, or you can ante up with real cash. You start with the game-board on the right, designated with Xs and Os on each panel. The wagers with this scratch off game start at .50 Euros and you can take it all the way up to 10 Euro stakes.

The more you wager, the bigger the payoff if you get a good combination on the board or make it to a super streak round. Click a panel to reveal the symbol underneath and see if you win spins at the slot machine or extra cash. You get 9 total panels, and you can either scratch them one by one or choose to reveal all.

Three “O”s give you 1x cash, three “X”s give you 2x cash, three diamonds give you 5x cash, three 7s gives you 10x cash, and the best combination of all is three bars giving you 100x your investment. It can take quite a few scratch offs to get to three slot machines, so if you don't enter the Superstreak mode right away don't get discouraged.


Super Streak Bar-X is a new take on the traditional Bar-X game, adding in a Super Streak mode if you're lucky enough to get three slot machine symbols. You can win up to 503x your original stake, and the stake sizes go from .50 Euros up to 10 Euros so on a max play the grand prize goes all the way up to 5,000 euros!

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