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You’ll be in 7th Heaven after winning a nice pot of cash playing one of the most popular scratch games offered up by online gamer primescratchcards.7th Heaven is a fun scratch card game where the object is to reveal three 7’s in a row to win the prize money allotted. When you log on you will see two columns for game play.  The first column is where you reveal your numbers.


The second column is your prize allotment. Before beginning play, you set your bet. You set your line price which can be 1, 5 or 10 monetary units then you select how many rows you want to play. The maximum row number you can play is 7. Doing the math, the most you can bet on one play then would be 70 monetary units. Ten dollars per line for seven lines is seventy dollars. This gives you 7 chances to win it big. Simple, straightforward and to the point, 7th Heaven from primescratchcards is the epitome of a fun, rewarding and easy online scratch card game.

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If revealing the three lucky sevens isn’t enough action for you, you can also reveal a gift symbol to win an instant prize as well. Just a little extra added fun bonus put out there by prime scratch cards!

The site is well built and very simple to navigate. All of the play buttons are clearly labeled and your running cashier balance is conveniently located in the lower left corner so you always know how much money you are playing with. The audio that accompanies the game is simple yet appropriate. There is a scratch sound that plays when you “scratch” off your card and a little musical tune plays when you hit the lucky 777 combination. There is no annoying audio track playing throughout your time on the site to worry about.

As a prime scratch site that is powered by neogames, security is another thing that you don’t have to worry about with 7th Heaven. They use all the latest SSL security making sure all data transmitted and received is fully encrypted to protect your identity and finances to the fullest. Also, 7TH Heaven makes it super easy to change games whenever you want to by placing a lobby button in the lower right hand corner of the game board. With one click you can be back to the “lobby” choosing another game to try your luck at. So log on and get to scratching! A big win on 7th Heaven will have you walking on cloud nine for sure!

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