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The amazing game 7 Boom is out now for players to win loads of quick cash playing. This easy to play game is actually 2 games in 1 and can be played 7 times simultaneously meaning that players can win a spectacular amount of cash by playing. The game is similar to 7th Heaven but with even more money to be won and more fun to be had. There are up to a massive €200,000 available for players who win the top prizes in this hugely exciting, brand new game!

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This amazing classic scratch cards game allows players to get double the action of a normal game by actually incorporating a second game within it. The number 7 theme means that those players who believe in lucky number 7 are really going to have the time of their lives playing. With an amazing gaming system and non-stop action there really is loads of fun to be had winning the mega money prizes that are on offer in this instant classic. The special simultaneous game play that is zoned in to the functionality means that players don’t need to be satisfied with a regular paced game but can actually really feel the fast pace of the 7 Boom by playing 7 times at once.


This great game has been designed to make players money and by really thinking outside of the box with regards to the number 7 developers have ensured that there are loads of extra elements to keep players hooked. Start playing this amazing game now and you’ll find that there is 7 times more cash, 7 times more fun and 7 times more chances to win the huge cash prizes available!

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