10p Scratchies

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If you believe variety is the spice of life, 10p Scratchies is the way to go. You’ll have a choice of 10 fun games to play, all of which give you the chance to win big money every time you scratch off the card.


10p Scratchies recreates the feel of buying a scratch card from a vending machine. To get the game going you first need to choose one of the ten cards on offer and the amount you want to spend. Prices range from just $0.10 to $1.00. Of course, the more you spend, the more you can win!

If you find it hard to choose which card to buy you can choose random card and the computer will choose one for you. This is an excellent feature which adds to the surprise of the gameplay. While there are a variety of games available, they all work in a similar manner – the aim is to match three symbols. If you find three symbols which are exactly the same you will win a prize. To save time you can always click on the Scratch All button.


This is a game which comes from the modern school of graphic design, where less is often more. When you are aiming for quality gameplay there isn’t always a need for flashy graphics - as long as it feels good it will be enjoyable and 10p Scratchies has the all important feel good factor.

The opening screen may look a little empty but that’s because you have to choose a scratch card to buy before you start playing. It is then that you start to realize the thought and intelligence that has gone into the graphical interface. The different options are arranged around the side so it is easy to choose a card. And when you choose one it will be “printed” for you and emerge out of the slot!

The games themselves are also relatively minimalistic, but they do the job just as well as other more flashy options.


With 10p Scratchies you have a bargain game with depth and quality. The look and feel is modern combined with classic and the opportunity to win each time is as good as you can hope for.

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