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Get your race on!  100M Champion is an exciting new game from Betssons Scratch Cards.  Your heart will be pounding as you watch sprinters running their fastest for that first place finish.  Much like playing the ponies, you are trying to match the runners to their place finishes in the race.  If you match 1 player your total bet is doubled.  If you match 2 your bets are multiplied by 4 and so on until the grand prize where 8 matches multiplies your bet by 10,000.  To begin play, you must set the card price that you want to play.  This can be 1,2,5 or 10 units.  Next, you select how many cards you want to play.  Your choice is from 1 to 8 cards.  The more cards you play, the more chances you have to win.  Clicking play sets the race in motion.


Your cards are scratched off revealing what order you are hoping for the runners to come in. The starting gun fires and the runners take off and start sprinting towards the finish line to the applause and cheers of the crowd. When the race is over, the runners line up in order from first to last place and you are able to see where your runners have matched up to their place in the race.

The graphics are decent for 100M Champion but not awesome. Because so much information is squeezed onto the game board, the runners are a little small, which makes seeing their real time finishes a little hard. The perspective doesn’t help in this case either since there are 8 runners per race. This is great news for you since you have 8 chances to win per card but it makes seeing the order that they cross the finish line a little difficult. The soundtrack matches the game play perfectly, so much so that you will feel like you are at an Olympic event. There is a starting gun, loud cheers from the crowd and of course the sound of your coin as you scratch off your tickets.

Betssons is currently offering a sign up bonus of 30% on anything you deposit into your play account up to 100 units so if you think playing the 100M Champion scratch card game is for you, it’s a great time to log on and make a deposit. Also, as a leader in the online scratch card industry Betssons makes navigating their site and depositing funds really easy. Most of the major online payment solutions are accepted including Neteller, Visa, Mastercard and UKash.


Betssons spares no expense when it comes to your online security as well. They are VeriSign secure so you know you can trust that all your information is encrypted as well as protected. So get your sneakers on, run over to your computer and let the fun begin as you play 100M Champion today.


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