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One of the key differences between and other so-called Scratch Card advice sites is our years of experience within the gaming industry. Our esteemed staff of reporters, writers, pro-players and industry insiders have access to the best collection of direct sources and trusted impartial news outlets which means we can get the news first, verify it fastest and present it to you in ways that let you put the information into action as you improve your winning percentages and go for even bigger jackpots online.

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As one of the world’s leading scratch card news sites, is dedicated to providing its readers with quality articles about the industry which reflect all the latest moves and developments. We employ a team of talented and experienced writers who have their ear to the ground, so they can let you know about everything that is going on, from site reviews to the latest news.

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Daniel is the editor of and is responsible for running the team of writers. Having spent more than five years working in the scratch cards industry, he can be relied upon to make the decisions that make this site an industry leader. Daniel is connected to many of the key industry players, and it is these connections which form the basis of the site’s quality offering.

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Stewart is one of our most experienced writers and is responsible for writing game and web site reviews. Having been involved in the industry for many years he has acquired an in-depth understanding of what makes a great website and game stand out from the crowd. His articles are key industry indicators to the success of a new game or website, so make sure you check out our reviews section for the very latest.

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Jeremy is used to getting to the bottom of things. He has over ten years journalism experience and has worked in a number of different positions in the online gaming industry. Jeremy’s sharp approach ensures he will get you the news you need to know about and provide you with well rounded reviews of the latest scratch sites and games.

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